Franklin Park Cross

ABRA Franklin Park Cyclocross Report
by Ray Sielski

While the Ag3r (MTB) B-Team was resting, the Ag3r (CX) A-Team were taken it to the hills.

Nathan Black, Mark Briercheck, Steve Marlette and Ray Sielski kept up the team respect with 100% show and go at all the ABRA CX venue races to date.

Nate led the way with the Cat 4/5 race. An early start before the day warmed up. He broke in the sand pit and showed the rest of us the best way to get to the barriers.

Next Up, Mark began his Daily-Double with his Single Speed bike, proving that "he" could get it up those hills without gears.

For Race #2, Mark showed up for the Masters Races along with Steve and Ray.

Team Ag3r in bright YELLOW kits on a cloudless day managed to get ALL Front Row call ups. We cannot be denied...!

Ray’s hole shot got him 4th Place into the hill section and the loose gravel on the climb.

Plenty of climbing on the front half, nice descents on the second half, and sand and barriers to finish each lap. In one place, there was a Steep Descent with a 180 degree at the bottom, into a Run Up on the other side.  No one could carry the speed needed to get up.  The entire field runs up.

Nate Black -
Category 4/5 - 43rd Place
Photo by Mike Briggs

Mark Briercheck - 
Single Speed - 6th Place
Masters 40plus - 10th Place
Photo by Mike Briggs

Steve Marlette -
Masters 50plus - 9th Place
Photo by Mike Briggs

Ray Sielski -
Masters 60plus - 7th Place
Photo by Mike Briggs

TidBits overheard in the Pits
# Dude, I just totally rode up the run up
# Don’t pass the guy behind you
# I was huge throughout the entire race, or, I rode huge.
# The striders are in the sand
# Ray, are you OK, what are you doing down there!!!

Marilla next week.


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