North Park XC MTB

Story by Hannah Brewer:

After missing the cyclocross race at North Park, and riding a bike only twice in the past two weeks , carrying a large buffalo chicken pizza for half of those miles...

....I returned to the Month of Mud series for the North Park Cross Country MTB race ...BECAUSE.... a dirt race that includes Ag3r riders + Sam + Deidre is BOUND to be a fun day.

It was!

Despite on and off rain the days leading up to the race, the trails were in really good shape.

I finished in 3rd Place of the Expert Women category and had fast ladies pushing me from all around, keeping me in my red zone for the entire race. It was a fun, fast race.

The curse of racing well is that I am now tied with Veda for 1st Place in the MOM Expert Women Series heading in the Ohiopyle SuperD race.

So, it's all DOWNHILL from here...!!!

Sam finished in 4th Place of the Expert Men Category
Deidre finished in 2nd Place of the Expert Women Category
Richie finished in 7th Place of the Masters category
Kirk finished in 12th Place of the Single Speed Category
Briercheck WAS THERE.....and raced until a mechanicalNOT a good year for him :((

Results HERE: http://monthofmud.com/?page_id=2534

Disclaimer: Deidre, Sam, (and Kirk) had THE MOST FUN the night before the race and still showed up bright and early smiling (and riding fast). HAPPY ENGAGEMENT SAM & D!

AND Steve Brewer showed up for the FOOD with the team at OTB afterwards. Surprise. :)

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