Cincy 3

All Cincinnati, Ohio racing, and Story, by Kirk Morrison!

What a fun weekend...with the chance to race 3 times at 3 different venues in big fields (120 to 150 racers in my starting group for every race) as well as watch the top USA Pro’s race afterwards.

My best performance of the weekend was on Friday which had a very muddy, slick course. This worked to my favor as I was able to work my way up through the struggling field with no crashes or mechanical issues.

Unfortunately the courses dried out on Saturday and Sunday but they were still plenty challenging.

This one random pic I found on FB is attached. This is from the first lap of Sunday’s Devou Park race in a severe off camber section where my entire group was walking/running. I’m in the lower right section of this image (behind Chris Mayhew whose Cat1-4 35+ group was also in my starting wave).

Race Date: 10-31-14
Race Name: Cincy3 – Harbin Park Cx
Race Location: Fairfield, OH
Race Category: Masters 55+, Cat 1-4
Finish Place: 4th Place
Web Address to Results:
Weather: 41F, rain and gusty winds (cold !)

Race Date: 11-1-14
Race Name: Cincy3 – Kings Cx
Race Location: Mason, OH
Race Category: Masters 55+, Cat 1-4
Finish Place: 17th Place
Web Address to Results:
Weather: 45F, partly sunny and 20+ mph winds (chilly).

Race Date: 11-2-14
Race Name: Cincy3 – Devou Park Cx
Race Location: Covington, KY
Race Category: Masters 55+, Cat 1-4
Finish Place: 11th Place
Web Address to Results:
Weather: 50F, sunny

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