Coaltown Cross

Story by Mike Maher:

The Coaltown Cross was a fun grass roots kind of race.

Not only did I race, I wound up "volunteering" to set up most of the course, tear it down and loan out all my tape stakes. Kirk got suckered in as well.

Like last time, they did several "short track" races prior to the main event.

In qualifier heat #1, I took the WIN being VERY lucky to not have the Pfugenator in my group.

They took the top 4-5 places from the heats and we went out again. This time I wound up in 5th Place.

Kirk was smart enough to finish 5th in the qualifier heat, and therefore did not qualify in order to remain fresh for the main event....!

They split the field for the main event into Category 1 and Category 2 racers. I "earned" a Cat 1 classification and Kirk slyly raced in Cat 2.

In the MAIN EVENT, beer handups took a much higher priority than finish place for me. As my back began to twinge again, the beer moved even further up the list. Having stopped several times to partake, I saw Kirk about 20 seconds back. So I had another and waited hoping to finish out the race with Kirk.

Excellent plan till I tore a little hole in my sidewall and DNF'd. RATS!

Kirk however, in true "tortoise" style, picked several off to finish a very impressive 2nd Place in his group! Oh and he looked damn good doing it.

NOTE: We both competed on our SS rigs, competing in geared fields with lots of climbing.

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