Ahhh Silence

As much as I love riding my bike, I also love working on it. I enjoy getting the shifting to work flawlessly. I find a reward in truing a wheel. I consider wrapping handle bars correctly a small work of art.

I get frustrated when my bike is making some noise that I can't find and fix. For a while now, I have been experiencing the tick, tick, ticks ... the occasional creeeeeaaaaak ... and some ping, pings. You all know what these sounds are. They were driving me nuts and taking some of the enjoyment out of my rides.

Recently, I was able to replace some worn parts. I got a set of "new" wheels (used but better than what I had), replaced the chain and the small chain ring. Then I went out for ride... ahhhh silence. Silence here is not the absence of any sounds at all, but the sound of things working like they should. None of the extra little nuisance noises, just the music that a bike makes when things are working right.


Henry Dimmick said...

Same cassette?

Unknown said...

If you ride in the small chainring enough to wear it out then you need to ride faster and spend more time in the big ring because chainrings should last about forever.

Henry Dimmick said...

Is it possible that Frosty (Achilles) is the anti-John? Becasue, HE rides his BIG ring ALL the time...!!!

John said...

To Henry - Yes, same cassette. It was the newest part of the drive train, so it is still in good shape.
To Brian - This was the same crank and rings I bought from you. If I could lose another 15 lbs, maybe I could use the big ring some more.

It's neat to see someone besides me actually reads these.

Anonymous said...

im just glad to see a photo of somthing he did not find laying along side of the road instead of the so caled panty finds.