Dam Triathlon?

Maybe there is a spelling error in this post, and maybe there isn't...
Hannah Brewer writes:

Every year I swear I will plan a vacation, sign up for a different race, or find any excuse to avoid the Meadville Dam Triathlon. However, when registration is sent out in January, I'm either in denial that winter will ever end, or am feeling unusually ambitious and sign up without much thought. Then June arrives and I realize I haven't swum a mile since last June, but am pre-registered for that damn tri.

Hannah is #46

I just made it in under 3 hours, finishing in 2:59:53 for the Olympic Distance race...almost nine minutes faster than my time in 2009, putting me in:

4th Place for my age group (25-29 yrs)
10th Place Female
51st Place Overall

So, if you have any DAM QUESTIONS, click HERE!!!

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