Riverview Gran Prix

Mark Briercheck headed out to Oakmont over Memorial Day for the Riverview Gran Prix.

In Mark's word's:
The 2010 Riverview Grand Prix in Oakmont was pretty much the same as last year. And the year before that.  Hot and Fast.

I suppose as I get older my memory is getting worse becuase I forgot how much of a beating was issued on this course.  Rather than it being a laid back 20 lap race it's more like a 20 lap sprint. Yow.

I raced in the 1-2-3 category and we had 50+ riders at the start. From the gun it was sitting at 30+mph and I'm not sure that it let up for much the entire race. I think there were a few riders that didn't even finish two laps before a popping off the group like firecrackers. I had managed to hang on for 10 laps before this old man came to pieces.

* Note to self * - there are master category races for a reason!!!!!

Despite me (and probably more than half the field blowing up) it was a fun race on a great course. They always say there is next year....but given how this race goes I may take it off my calendar for 2011 and give the Tour of Tucker a shot instead. At least focus on a race with some mates' in it!

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