Fat Tire Challenge

Rich Allen raced the Fat Tire Challenge segment of the Ride-the-Wild Series this past weekend.

In Rich's Words:
Didn’t plan it very well but ventured East solo to the 2010 Brookville Fat Tire Challenge. I had a test scheduled for the following day and was on a clear liquid diet for race day.

This race is getting bigger and better every year. It’s got about everything CX people want -single track, double track, 3900 ft of climbing, rock gardens and some fast logging roads.

They had a record number of riders both Expert and Sport. This year had a different start, it was by age group! So being in the 50 and over Sport class we started last which turned out to suck.

Not far into the race we started catching and trying to pass people in the age groups that started in front of us. That’s hard to do on the technical stuff! Had a good ride going till mile 9 where I started getting leg cramps again that sucks! At mile 10 Pat from Buffolo Riders past me to take our age group lead then with a ½ mile to go, going through another rock garden, my left quad locked up so bad I was off the bike. After a minute or so the cramp let up so I started walking. A spectator says the finish is just up where you can see the cars, 100 yards or so, so I got back on and soft peddled to finish.

Finished 20th Overall and 2nd in the 50+ class. It was a great day!!!

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