Pa. State Time Trial

Brian Hopkins (2009 Pa. State Cat 3 TT Champion),
Steve Marlette (2009 Pa. State Cat 5 TT Champion) and
Henry Dimmick returned in defense of their titles to the 2010 Pa. State Championships Clark's Valley Individual Time Trial.

Starting our pre-race preparations off on the right foot, Brian and I went to a Belgium restaurant and ate waffles, frites & beer!

Despite such a non-traditional meal...

Brian Hopkins finished in 2nd Place, even after  CUTTING 45 seconds OFF his Personal Record! 

He was FLYING... must have been the waffles :)

In other Categories,

Steve Marlette (Cat 4) finished in 5th Place, with a time 2 handfuls-of-seconds slower than last year.

Henry Dimmick (45+) finished in 12th Place, with a time 1 handful-of-seconds slower than 2009.

Despite our unsuccessaful gold medal defense, we were all happy just to race in the 85 degree humid heat instead of a torrential rain!

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