PICC "North East" Road Race

Hanna & Steve Brewer, along with Dave Shaffer, attended the Presque Isle Cycling Club Spring Training Race #2 on the North East road course.

In the Men's A Race
Steve finished in 3rd Place
Dave Finished in 6th Place

In the Women's Race
Hannah finished in 6th Place
Hannah says:
I finished 6th overall for the women's open. I was pleased with my placement-these ladies are intense! It was a fun race. The head wind was so strong, but so was the tail wind,and I got to watch Steve make his sprint finish for 3rd.

Dave tells the A Race story:
2 guys off front of our race,steve says to me last lap I'm going to attack on the stretch before finish stretch,he attacked like a possesed demen,1 other guy went followed by me,the field let us go,the guy in front of me sits up,steve is going like a freight train,no way I could close the gap that the guy created when he sat up,so instead of possible field closing gap I went back as well,steve stayed off for the 3rd place finish,as I said 6th for me,awesome job for the ag3r team today

...........oh yeah on the back stretch probally 20-25mph head wind,brutal,made for a 45mph sprint....FAST.....needed a henry type gear of 56,10...!

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