Chris Mayhew (http://jbvcoaching.com/ChrisMayhew.asp) and ProBikes (http://www.probikesllc.com/) have sponsored a CycloCross Clinic & to date, two weeknight CX practices in Frick Park to get ready for the upcoming CX Seeason.

So far, Dan Schar....

...as well as Kirk Morrison and Rich Allen have attended at least one of these events.  As Kirk writes, the night Richy went, things did not go quite as smooth as he would have liked!

From: Kirk Morrison
A Tough nite for Rich !

1. Forgot his helmet (Todd sent over a shop loaner)
2. Forgot to switch out his cassette (from 9 to 10). He realized this when he shifted into his spokes.
3. Pulled a calf muscle which sidelined him for most of the practice.
4. Ripped out his valve stem while experimenting with tire pressure.

His CX season can only IMPROVE from here!!!

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Dan said...

Haha... How does a pure road cyclist end up with a pic in Dirt Rag Mag?