Boulder is...

...still there. Kirk Morrison checked :)

Good morning!  I am back from Boulder.

Sammy came through with a bike loan (his old C'dale F29 1x10 MTB) which allowed me to ride 2 HC climbs in 2 days (about 3,000' each, starting from 5,500' elevation in Boulder).

The MTB ended up being perfect for the climb to Gold Hill since the last 6 miles were dirt/mud/ice (although there were a few sections where I would have liked a 2nd chainring ...).

These rides, combined with daily hikes accompanying the Lovely Leslie left me a bit tired but ...

I couldn't resist a final day climb up Flagstaff Hill (Cat2, proposed for a mountain top finish in the August Pro Cycling Challenge stage race) continuing over to Gross Lake.

I was "mid-crack" on my way back when I saw a snow storm hit on the neighboring mountain. This was great motivation to get myself off the top before the storm caught up with me (which I did).


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