Little Washington CX

The final race of the 2011 Appalacian Bicycle Racing Association (ABRA) CycloCross Series took place in Little Washington, Pa.

HUGE THANKS to Fred Jordan for his committment to cycling and his great photos!

To celebrate this special event, Diedre York flew in special from Boulder, Colorado to fly Ag3r colors!
...bringing along her luggage-boy/driver Sam Morrison, who unfortunately had a broken wrist from a CX race in Colo-RAD-o!

The end result of the day & SEASON, from riders meeting the minimum series requirement of starting 6 of the 8 races were:

Team Standings (Series Final) - Click HERE
3rd Place - Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem

Men's 50+ (Series Final)

2nd Place - Henry Dimmick

3rd Place - Rich Allen

5th Place - Kirk Morrison

6th Place - Ray Sielski
Men's 3/4 (Series Final)
8th Place - Steve Brewer

Single Speed (Series Final)
8th Place - Kirk Morrison

Competing is a Series is a BIG COMMITTMENT (clcik HERE) ...but we had some fine results ...and had lots of FUN ...that we are glad is over  :-)

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