Dash for Cash MTB

This past WET weekend was the annual Dash for Cash mountain bike race.  A great course, with lots of technical trails & steep descents, all highlighted by a river crossing...that THIS year, became even more interesting by a weeks worth of rain leading into the event!

Members of Ag3r's Mud Brigade were returning racers Sam Morrison and Richy Allen...joined by first time Dashers Kirk Morrison and Rich Seevers!

Kirk finished in 1st Place in the Short Race!

"The course was very muddy ……
the expansive puddles actually helped clear the drivetrain.
Lots of big rocks and
a 3 foot deep crossing of a swift river, with a safety line (thanks to the fire dept).
Great post ride gathering."

Richy (Allen) finished in 19th Place of the Sport Division - Long Course

Rich (Seevers) finished in 21st Place of the Sport Division - Long Course

...with Sam having to abandon in the late stages of the Expert Division race when his knee started to hurt again.

Watch "Rider Blogz" for possible posts from Rich Seevers or Sam.

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Affib Rider said...

This is actually the first time I have done this event. And it wont be the last.