Connellsville Criterium

Kirk Morrison and Steve Brewer "flew in" to race the Connellsville "Hurricane" Criterium.

Kirk took 2nd Place in the Masters 50+ race.

Steve took 4th Place in the Men's 3/4 Race.

Kirk "air mailed" the following report:
For the second year in a row I was able to race on my birthday. Last year it was in sunny Monterey California in the Masters RR at Sea Otter. This year, severe weather alerts were posted for “high winds and gusty conditions. Conditions were so bad that the Port-a-John was blown 1/4 of mile from the Start/Registration area.

This was actually more of a circuit race with a 1.52 mile winding loop through a new industrial park. The course included two 90 degree turns which were a bit precarious since they had freshly painted, white pedestrian crossing lanes which were a bit slippery from the wet conditions.

The high winds changed the course by making the upwind “flats” feel like a brutal climb while the downwind “hills” were made much easier by the brisk tailwinds.

Overall, a great race with excellent organization by JR Petsko and his crew. Hopefully this will be a dry, calm, warm race next year.

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