ACA 50 mile Criterium


Kirk Morrison choose to spend his Saturday morning pedaling 100 Laps around-and-around the Bud Harris Track on Washinton Blvd in Pitsburgh, Pa.

Kirk ended up in 15th Place in what he referred to as,
"...a Long Race around a Short Course"!

The Hook
by Chris Popovic:
The ACA is proud to announce a 100 lap, 50 mile race at the Bud Harris Cycling Track on Saturday, August 6th, 2011 starting at 9:30 a.m.  As most of you know, the Bud was resurfaced last year. We've seen most every time record fall now that the track is free of bumps and cracks. One record that remains unset is the 100 lap, 50 mile test. We'd like to address that by inviting out any USA Cycling Category 1-4 rider next Saturday at 9:30 a.m.

The Line
by Kirk Morrison:
Chris Popovic and Nick Rossi hosted this event since it appears that the Mass Start 100 lap record had never been set at this venue. This unique race started at 9:37am in a light rain with about 20 riders. CAT Racing had the biggest team with 6 racers followed by Sette Nove. The initial pace was brisk with a few team and individual breakaway attempts to lap the field in the first 50 laps. None of these were successful.

However, with coordinated team support a 3 rider mixed-team break comprised of Ray Russell (Sette Nove) and 2 CAT riders (including Samson McHugh and ?) lapped the field with about 25 laps remaining (good team tactics). In the end Samson McHugh took the win.

While it was a well run event, I'm not looking to enter another of these round and round races again in the near future !

99 laps to ride at the Bud
99 laps to ride
Spin one 'round
Hammer and pound
98 laps to ride at the Bud...

BTW - Did I mention that it RAINED the whole time(?)!!!

Sorry, no pics !

The Sinker
by Oscar Swan
A respectable 100-lap record was established at the oval yesterday:

50 mi.;  100 laps;  1.58.20;  25.3mph;  Samson McHugh; 8/6/11

It has been posted to:

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