Track Bike Night

Newbie-to-Fixies, Kirk Morrison, made his debut at PMVC's Friday's Track Bike Night.

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Not keen on missing a chance to see Kirk forget NOT to stop pedaling, Henry Dimmick tagged along for the fun  :)

Photo by Kirk Morrison

As usual, the competitors were a mix of dedicated racers, bicycle couriers, and hipsters!  But by the time the beers came out, the evening had shaken out as follows:

Results Report by Oscar Swan

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Results of Friday Night Track, August 12, 2011 A beautiful night. Not much of a turnout for the last event of the year, but everyone who showed up got a good workout. Thanks to Henry Dimmick and Kirk Morrison for providing after-event beer.

Event A:  2-Lap Time Trial
1st Place (Tie) - Kirk Morrison
5th Place - Henry Dimmick

Event B:  1-lap Chariot
2nd PlaceHenry Dimmick
5th PlaceKirk Morrison

Event C: 10-Lap Handicap
2nd PlaceHenry Dimmick
4th PlaceKirk Morrison

Event D:  Miss 'n Out
3rd Place - Henry Dimmick

Event E:  Olympic Sprint
1st PlaceDimmick/Andreyo
4th PlaceMorrison/Aderholt

Event F:  Chariot of Last Men Standing
2nd PlaceHenry Dimmick
4th PlaceKirk Morrison


2nd Place OverallHenry Dimmick

Photo by Kirk Morrison

5th Place OverallKirk Morrison

...which is pretty good for a Newbie, eh?!!!


stiCk said...

Just when cycling technology has perfected the 10 and 11 speed drive trains so much so a cyclist from 10 or 15 years ago would be dumbfounded,... so cycling turns to fixies. We cyclists just aren't happy unless things are difficult or painful. :)

Henry Dimmick said...

Pain & Suffering, while pedaling as fast as we can, does seem to describe our lives, both on and off the bike!