PMVC 25 mile TT

The LONG race of the year...the Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club 25 mile Individual Time Trial is always when I schedule my out of town vacation!!!

Luckily, those stuck behind properly "represented" Ag3r  :)

3rd Place - Steve Marlette
Personal Record by 29 seconds!

7th Place - Donnie Panizales
Personal Record by 7 minutes & 54 seconds!

12th Place - Ray Sielski
1st Place 50+

Text by Stephanie & Oscar Swann:
It was one of those nights when you say the air was heavy, but it didn’t prevent some good times.

Gray Patton broke her existing women’s record by more than a minute, and she went on to establish a women’s one-hour record of some 25.7 miles. We’ll measure the distance carefully during the week.

Four people got into, or confirmed their membership in, the One-Hour Club.

Steve Marlette posted both a personal best and established the most times under one hour (12 total)during the 10 years the Friday time trials have been held.

Congratulations to all finishers.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the following for their support and making my victory possible:
Skip, Henry, Mark, Joe, Kirk.

Henry Dimmick said...

Glad we could do our part (Ray)!