Colavita TT

One of our new favorite TTs is the Colavita East Ohio Monthly Time Trial Series.  The July race ended up as follows:

1st Place (Men's 40-49) - Steve Marlette
2nd Place Overall

3rd Place (Men's 50-59) - Randy McCracken

DNF* (Men's 50-59) - Kirk Morrison

Story by Steve MarleTTe:
Photos by Steve & Kirk Morrison:
It was a nice summer morning in Ohio at the Colavita TT. I was concerned about a slow leak in the tire on my disc. Kirk kindly offered to lend me his disc, but I was able to seal the leak with some Stan's sealant.

Unfortunately, *Kirk then found a roofing nail out on the course and needed ride back in the promoter's car.

Randy put in a good ride and landed on the podium!

Skip and me were were still feeling the effects of the Friday night 20 mile TT. We both struggled to put in a good effort but we both got top podium finishes. Skip managed to beat me by 4 seconds for the Overall Title. I think he has some psychic power to know just how many seconds he needs to best me!  I was still lucky enough to end up on the top step for my Age Group!

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