Colavita East Ohio TT

One a Month...and One to Go.

The Colavita East Ohio Time Trial, near Akron Ohio...takes place on a rolling and often raining out and back course!

The August event found Ag3r/FoxVelo riders Steve MarleTTe, Henry Dimmick, Randy McCracken and Donnie Panizales all braving the RAIN and LIGHTNING for a chance to ...get wet!

Warm-Ups on the bike were more like Warm-Ups in the Pool!  We all noticed that our tires were slipping on our trainers; the resistance was light. So we told ourselves we were STRONG like BULL!

Photo by Sonic Imaging

After all the others had left for the Start, Henry noticed his resistance go up, and when he took the bike off the trainer for the start, he realized he had worn the rubber off the center of the tire. With no time to spare, he headed for the line.  After the race, while telling the story, they all looked at the tire to see THIS!  Randy commented that it was a good thing the race wasn't (twice) as long!

Photo by Sonic Imaging

At the end of the day, we all had won something:

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Steve Marlette
2nd Place - Men's 40 to 50yrs Division
Door Prize - Water Filter
Photo by Mike Briggs!

Henry Dimmick
2nd Place - Men's Fixed Gear Division
Photo by Mike Briggs!

Randy McCracken
3rdPlace - Men's 50 to 59 yrs Division
Personal Record by 6 seconds!
Photo by Mike Briggs!

Donnie Panizales
5th Place - Men's 40 to 49 yrs Division
Door Prize - Road ID
Photo by Mike Briggs!

Afterwards, Steve and Donnie recovered using unrecognizable bio-engineered solids and liquids from a Laboratory, while Randy and Henry recovered "The Traditional Way"!

Photo by Sonic Imaging

In the Season Points Series, with ONE RACE left to go, the standings are:

Men's 40 to 49 yrs Division
Steve MarleTTe1st Place
Donnie Panizales - 6th Place

Men's 50-59 yrs Division
Randy McCracken - 5th Place
Kirk Morrison - 9th Place
Henry Dimmick - 14th Place
Ray Sielski - 16th Place
Rich Allen - 17th Place

Men's Fixed Gear
Henry Dimmick - 3rd Place

Hopefully the September Finale will be dry!

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stiCk said...

3 generations of kit. Donnie and Randy in superb form. Love the bars HD. CUTTERS!