PMVC 10 mile TT

With the summer winding down, the Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club conducted it's last 10 mile Individual Time Trial of the year.  In attendance were SIX one way, a half dozen the other way, Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem & FoxVelo riders!

3rd PlaceSteve Marlette
Personal Record by 8 seconds!

12th PlaceKirk Morrison
4th Place - Men's 50+
Personal Record by 22 seconds!

15th PlaceDonny Panizales
Personal Record by 2 minutes & 44 seconds!

21st PlaceT. Lyle Ferderber
8th Place - Men's 50+

23rd PlaceRay Sielski
9th Place - Men's 50+

24th PlaceRich Allen
10th Place - Men's 50+

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