CX Master's Worlds - Friday

Today Kirk Morrison will be sending updates and photos (while he works "Support Crew" for other Pittsburgh Racers).  Watch FaceBook for those updates!
From: CX Worlds.
Thanks for racing in the 2012 UCI Masters Cyclocross World  Championships. Please guarantee that you are in compliance with all policies and procedures.  The Doping Control Station is located just after the finish line, on the right. It is each rider's responsibility to check immediately after the conclusion of the race whether he or she has been selected for doping control.
From Kirk:
It’s cold enough today that the specimen might freeze and crack the cup!  No tests for me so far.

Now, some pics!

A result of the course turning from Mud to Ice...
Officals checking tire sizes.
 Course Shots.

The Start.
 Fly Over Steps.
 Muddy/Icy Ruts.

Three Cheers for our Local Boys! 
Steevo = 5th Place
Mike = 8th Place
Mike Jernigan = 13th Place

Steevo's new Hardware!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Kirk and the blogmaster for keeping us fellow supporters up to fate with the WORLDS!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Kirk !

Gary Bywaters