Cincinnati CX Festival

Steve Brewer and Brian Hopkins drove WAY over to Cincinnati (8 hrs one-way for Brian) to race CX!
Cincinnati is a BIG race....ranked UCI-C2/C1, and is part of the (traveling) USA CycloCross Season Circuit.  So it is no suprise that good racers travel from MILES AROUND to go head-to-head with the best, then follow that up by watching the PROS "do it" on the same course. 

Racing Friday, Saturday AND Sunday, they mixed lots of car-miles and lots of leg-miles with lots of photo-ops with famous racers, whose pictures continue to populate Steve and Brian's FaceBook Profiles Photos   : )

Friday - Devou Park (Cat 2/3)
Steve finished 41st
Brian finished 45th

Steve goes +4...!

Saturday - Sunset Park (Cat 2/3)
Brian finished 60th
Steve finished 66th

With Brian "Leaping Over" both the barrier (below) and Steve, to go into the "Ag3r Cup" lead +2 over Steve!!

Sunday Harbin Park (Cat 2/3)
Brian finished 50th
Brewer finished 53rd

And with that, Brian comes away as Ag3r Cup Winner, finishing +5 over Steve!!!

What a GREAT road-trip weekend of Cross-Immersion for the boys!

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nothing better than beating your friends:)