Kick Off Cross

Steve Marlette was the sole Ag3r racer to attend the Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association (ABRA) Kick Off Cross.

While managing an 11th Place in the Men's 40+ race, it sounds like his experience was still all positive...for the race and the course ...as he experienced another equipment failure PRE-RACE (see the previous post on the Erie TT where he broke his TT bike seat mast before the race.)

Steve (Marlette) and Steve (Brewer) are two birds of a (similar) feather!!!

Complete results can be found HERE

In Steve's Words:
I raced the Kickoff Cross yesterday in the 40+ race. It was a very nice event and a good cross course, what I always thought a cross course would be, a flat grassy field with a steep, short, up and down hill section and a set of barriers. It was a beautiful day as well.

Also, my Cranks Brothers petal broke before the race. The folks from Pro Bikes helped me out with some loaner pedals so I was able to race.

ProBikes is awesome! --Crank Brother's Candys not so awesome :(

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