Saltsburg Double-Cross

Mike, Maria, Sierra & Casey Maher organized an invitation-only CycloCross race party as a warm up for the weekend's "official" cross racing!

The Saltsburg Double Cross was a 2-race, back-to-back, one-in-the-light and one-in-the-dark...

Night Photo by The Happy Trout

...beers BEFORE, DURING & AFTER race format, with both classic barrier and extraordinary barrier obstacles!

4 Fanged Snake Bite Rumble Strips

 Thorn (in the tire, now you gotta) Run Trail

Lethal Farm Implement "Climb"
(w/broken glass encrusted rope!)
Night Photo by The Happy Trout

In the end, the Overall Combined results were:
Brian Hopkins - 1st Place
Mark Briercheck - 2nd Place
Henry Dimmick - 3rd Place

...with Saltsburg Style podium girls!   ...squishy trophies...

...and strange spectators!

Mike skipped Race #1 to make sure things got going as planned...and then joined in on Race #2 and took the WIN.

Hannah Brewer was the only Brew-Crew member to sucessfully finish both races.

...and Steve (legs like locomotives) Brewer broke most everything in site ...including exploding his chain into 3 pieces in the first pedal stroke of Race #1...!!!

Learn more HERE, about the OTHER definition of Double Cross riders had to endure during the night race! (written by the The Happy Trout)

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Pale and Scrawny said...

Nice write up Henry. 2XII coming up:) Prepare for even more fun!