Little Washington CX

Little Washington is really Washington Pa... called "Little" so as not to be confused with Washington DC.

Really?  Is this an actual  problem?!?!?!

Thanks in advance to Vaughn Wallace, Dan Schar & Sonic Photos for the images in this post  : )

Anyway ... Henry Dimmick, Kirk Morrison, Sam Morrison, Ray Sielski, Mark Briercheck, Steve Marlette and Dan Schar all showed at this beautiful Fall day event held in an (American Legion Park) ...or maybe in Occupied Territory(?)

Soon after setting up camp...

...and some warm-up runs at the barriers...

...the racing began.

First Up - Men's Cat. 4
Mark finished in 15th Place

Kirk finished in 25th Place

Ray (finished) DNF ... with multiple rear tire flats.

Next Up - Men's Masters 40+ yrs
Steve finished in 9th Place

Henry finished in 11th Place

Kirk finished in 14th Place

Then - Men's Cat. 3/4
Henry finished in 25th Place

And Last but NOT Least - The Men's Cat. 1/2/3 Elite
Sam finished in 5th Place

All throughout the races, Dan and Mark could be seen...and HEARD...cheering! 

Like HERE...
 ...and HERE...

...before finally running out of steam...HERE... with Kirk giving him some crap as he passed by for sitting down on the job!

It was a great day for Cross....as most days ARE.

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