Grove City CX

Mark Briercheck, Kirk Morrison, Steve Brewer, Rich Allen attended the Grove City CycloCross round of the 2010 Month of Mud Series over the weekend.

When the (mud) settled...(!)...the results were:

Steve - 15th Place in Race
.....(11th Place Sport)
Mark - 17th Place in Race
.....(13th Place Sport)

Rich - 18th Place in Race
.....(14th Place Sport)

Kirk - 42nd Place in Race
.....(11th Place Master)

Complete Results can be found HERE

In Mark Briercheck's Words:
(Four of us) headed up to the Month of Mud CX and were treated with the best weather possible for such an event. High 40's and rain. YAY!

The whole team signed up and raced the 'Sport' category and quickly realized that there were 80+ others in the same starting group...it was going to be interesting.

The 'Expert' class rode first and adequately shredded the entire course to a brilliant thick brown paste. Think raw chocolate cake batter for 4 grueling laps. Absolute Heaven.

The pack quickly spread apart and Steve Brewer managed to start a race without breaking a chain!  The course had very few climbs but everything was so wet that going down hill was just as hard as going up.  Brewer was definitely in the top ten for the group finish and I think that Allen and Briercheck (finishing within a few seconds of each other) are probably top 20. Morrison was close behind. 

At the end of the race we attempted to find out our results but none of us could remember our race numbers so Gary Bywaters put the kabash on us and said he only speaks in digits now.  So without knowing the actual race outcome we sort of leave the day in a spot of mystery!

C'est la vie.

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