Pa Senior Games - Qualifier

Kirk Morrison is OLD...but age is only a number   : )

To prove he is still young at heart, AND young of body, Kirk had a go at the Pa. State Qualifier for the 2011 National Senior Games

Complete results can be found HERE

Here is Kirk's Story:
This past Saturday morning (Oct 2nd) I participated in the PA Senior Games cycling event at the Bud Harris Oval. This is the qualifying race for the Senior Games National event which will be held in Houston, Texas at the end of June 2011. It was a great event coordinated by Skip Rogers/Mark Bedel and run by Oscar Swann. Many volunteers were on hand including Ed Johnson, Bill Ehler as well as several personnel from the WPW.

The highlight of the morning was watching the 80+ age group races ….. both Men and Women (!). Believe it or not, there were two married couples in this group. Both couples finished as Gold or Silver medal winners (see these amazing athletes in the front row of the group photo).

I ended up with 2nd Place (Silver) in the 5K TT (50-54 age group) behind a speedy Mark Bedel (missing Gold by 2 seconds …).

In the subsequent 20K TT (50-54 age group) I took 1st Place (Gold)!!! 

I would highly recommend this to everyone when the next qualifier comes around (2012). The sight of these senior athletes racing around the Oval is phenomenal.

Next stop …….. Houston in June(?).


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