Wyalusing Triathlon

Hannah Brewer tried her hand, or rather her arms and legs, at something new!
In Hannah's Words:
I drove (way too far) to participate in a run/kayak/bike triathlon. This was my first kayak-tri experience, and lets just say that I did NOT miss the swim.

There were two categories, "competitive" and "recreational". These categories were based on the type of kayak used. If an entrant's kayak was less than 17.5 feet, they were automatically in the recreational category as competitive kayaks are longer and skinnier (over 17.5 feet).

Considering my 1st Place "Recreational Time" was only (45) seconds off the "Competitive IronWoman" time... 

...for Christmas, I'm adding a "competitive kayak" to my sports-related Wish List (along with a new mountain bike and new cx bike). I guess I AM more like STEVE than I'd like to admit  :)

Results are posted HERE.

Also, check out my Mama ...who took 2nd Place in the Woman's 50-59 Category!

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