ACA Wednesday Criterium

Dan Schar and Mark Briercheck took a weekday evening "off" to race in the Allegheny Cycling Association Weekly Wednesday Night Criterium Series.
In Mark's Words:

ACA Summer Series - 5/11/11 - The A Race Summary

A Wednesday nighter is a Wednesday nighter is a Wednesday nighter.  Thank goodness that warm weather has finally arrived.

The A's were a pretty fast pace (high 20's/low 30s) for most of the race. 5 or 6 guys got in a break away and took it. 

Schar and I mostly sat in. I took one flyer to chase the break but didn't get very far.

Other than wearing my fancy new Specialized shoes I picked up from Pro Bikes in Squirrel Hill...

...the only thing memorable about this race was a conversation I had with Schar at approximately 35 laps in to the race:

Briercheck: "Schar - how are you feeling?"
Schar(with a cross-eyed look on his face): "Only 8 laps to go."
Briercheck: "Actually, we only have 6 left"
Schar: "Oh."

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