Race at the Lakes #4

Kirk Morrison headed off to the Race at the Lakes (RATL) race #4 with a chip on his shoulder!

In Kirk's Words:

I had a great time this past Saturday racing in the RATL series finale Masters Crit race with Dan Schar and Mark Briercheck at this scenic Munroe Falls Metro Park venue. Dan and Mark were competing in the Mens 35+ field while I was in the 45+ group.

The weather was a bit sketchy since there were bands of rain and thunderstorms passing through Ohio. However, the weather cooperated and we started on time at 11am. Wet roads did allow for a few tire skids in the corners but all of the racers were able to keep the rubber side down in our event.

I ended up finishing this 23 mile race in 14th place in the main pack (in 1 hour, 15 sec). This was a good accomplishment for me since I had been dropped in the previous 2 RATL races. I even felt good enough to follow the fine examples of Dan and Mark by sprinting off the front for for a brief solo break.

Mark was the star of our group with a 5th place finish (in the money !).

Dan was right on Mark's heels finishing in 9th place.

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