Tour de Montour

Hannah Brewer got MORE than she bargained for when agreeing to ride the Tour de Montour!

Hannah Writes:
I rode the 75 mile Tour de Montour this Saturday, commonly referred to as the "MonTourture." Check out the elevation!

This was my first time riding 75 miles...ever..but my mother signed me up for it, so I had to go! Turns out the course was actually 77 miles!!!

It was a fun course and there were some fast downhills that helped make the climbs worth climbing!  It was a tough course and there were some dirt sections of road but there were BEAUTIFUL views after every climb.

For the "75-mile" distance, I finished 1st place in my age group and 6th overall for women.

...and TMR Roofing is popular in Eastern PA too because one rider passed me and said Oh, TMR! Do you know Mike Maher?!?!?!

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