Pittsburgh Half Marathon

Hannah Brewer RAN further today than seven of us RODE our bikes.  Men are WEAK!

During this year's Pittsburgh Half Marathon, Hannah finished:
Hannah Writes:

While my teammates were pedaling 12.6 miles at yesterday's tt, I was running 13.1 miles in Steel City!!!

It was the third year in a row that rain graced the Pittsburgh 1/2 marathon. By now, it wouldn't be the Pittsburgh Half if it wasn't raining! As always, it was a well-organized event and the crowd support was amazing!

I ran an 8:39 pace and finished in 1:53:10. This was the third year that I ran the Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Half Marathon and apparently I keep getting slower. Yet, I am pleased with my pace since 90% of this year's training was on my bike.

2009: 1:48:12
2010: 1:51:57
2011: 1:53:10

Every year at mile 9 I vow to never sign up for a race longer than 6 miles again UNLESS it is on my bike. I don't know if its the popularity of the event, the peer pressure from all of my lady friends, the excitement of crossing the finish line, or sheer stupidity, but no matter what, I always give in and decide that running 13 miles will be fun.......and for the most part, it is :)

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