Race at the Lakes

Hannah Brewer, Steve Brewer, Kirk Morrison and Dave Shaffer took 20 or so spins around the lake at The Race at the Lakes Series Race #2.

Dave took 3rd Place in the Men's 35+ race :)

Hannah took 10th Place in the Women's Open race.

Kirk finished in 17th Place of the Men's 45+ race.

With Steve taking 2nd Place in the Men's Cat 4 race!

HERE is an awesome video
of the Men's Cat 4 race,
where you can see Steve (#142)
in the final sprint,
BLOWING by multiple riders
like they were standing STILL!!!

Fast Forward to the 46 minute mark.
Just after a three rider attack,
Steve comes into view
chasing down two of the the three attackers.
The finish is only 3 minutes after that!

Kirk Wrote:
This was a well run race on a beautiful, closed loop course. The weather was nice with temperatures in the high 50’s, light winds and NO rain! Unfortunately (for me), the Masters were fast. After a few 24.5/25mph laps I was dropped from the main group. I ended up finishing the hour long, 22 mile race with an average speed of 22 mph which left me in 17th place. I’m hoping to improve my capacity for quick bursts of speed with some short interval workouts.
Hannah Said:
Basically I loved everything about the Race At The Lakes course. No steep climbs, and we could pedal through the corners. It was as pleasant as riding at race-pace can be!  I can really appreciate Steve's sprint for 2nd and Dave's 3rd place finish because the finish line was on the steepest part of the course. Way to go Ag3r.  I'm taking this weekend off since its Mother's Day and the next race on my list is the Pittsburgh 1/2 marathon (May 15th). Yikessss!!!
Dave Texted from the Race:
A beautiful day at a beautiful park RATL,awesome smooth,wide sweeping FAST course,Steve Brewer was the 1st of us,AG3R'S to go off in the cat 4 race which he finished 2nd in,next to go off Dave Shaffer 35+ Kirk Morrison 45+,and Hannah Brewer womens started together,Shaffer 3rd 35+,Hannah Brewer 10th womens, Morrison top 10?

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