Colovita TT

Despite what has now become commonplace "May Rain Showers", SEVEN Ag3r/FoxVelo riders headed into Ohio to compete in the May Edition of the 12.6 mile Colovita East Ohio TT.

Photo by Some Guy, with Ray Sielski's Phone!

Steve Marlette - 1st Place Overall / 1st Place Mens 40-49 yrs (PERSONAL RECORD)

Photo by Ray Sielski

Steve Brewer - 2nd Place Overall / 1st Place Mens 20-29 yrs

Photo by Ray Sielski

Kirk Morrison - 4th Place Mens 50-59 yrs (PERSONAL RECORD)

Randy McCracken - 5th Place Mens 50-59

Henry Dimmick - 8th Place Mens 50-59 (PERSONAL RECORD)

Rich Allen - 11th Place Mens 50-59

Ray Sielski - 13th Place Mens 50-59

The Race Organizer are (now) planning to open a 2-man TT division for the June race, in addition to the other categories he already has: (1) Individual Age Grouped, (2) Single Speed FIXIE, and (3) The STANDARD Category (?)!!!

As always, we were the LAST to leave the parking lot  :)

Photo by Ray Sielski

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