Double Cross II

Strobe Johnson hosted another Double Cross Race (Party), this time adding something called "Clunker Cross" to the evening's events!

Attending from Ag3r were Mike Maher and Mark Briercheck, finishing the Omnium in 2nd Place and 3rd Place respectively.

Also NEW to this version of Double Cross?


Watch for a possible Blog Post from "Pale & Scrawny"!

In the mean time, you can read all about Double Cross I...right HERE


Skir said...

hot foot

Henry Dimmick said...

Is that a Bomb Proof Suit Strobe is wearing?!!!

...that fire extinguisher will be hard to locate (in the dak) after the propane tank explodes :)

Anonymous said...

MAN OH MAN ! Even I don't have a USA Cycling rule that covers this one !

"The Sheriff"